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Selecting a Measure

By selecting the "Select Measure" dropdown in the dashboard you will be able to select from multiple calculations for FTE. The full-time equivalent (FTE) of students is a single value providing a meaningful combination of full-time and part-time students. For example, if an institution has 10,000 (student) FTE it may have 8,000 full-time students and 4,000 half-time students. The four calculations provided in the dashboard are explained below.

  1. FTE - Basic = The number of full-time students plus the 1/3 the number of part-time students.
  2. FTE - CPE = The number of doctorate students plus total undergraduate credit hours divided by 15 plus total graduate credit hours divided by 12.
  3. FTE - IPEDS = The number of full-time students plus the number of undergraduate part-time students multiplied by 0.403543 plus the number of graduate part-time students multiplied by 0.361702.
  4. FTE - Moody's = The number of full-time students plus the number of undergraduate part-time hours divided by 12 plus the number of graduate part-time hours divided by 9.

College, Department, & Program

Enrollment & FTE are based on distinct counts of students per term. This means that double (or more) majors are only counted once and their college, department, & program are based on the students primary program (1st major).

Under-Represented Minority / Non-Under-Represented Minority

Under-Represented MinorityNon-Under-Represented Minority
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native, Non-Hispanic Only
  • Black, Non-Hispanic Only
  • Hispanic or Latino, regardless of race
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Non-Hispanic Only
  • Two or More Races
  • Asian, Non-Hispanic Only
  • Nonresident Alien
  • Race and Ethnicity Unknown
  • White, Non-Hispanic Only

Service Region

EKU's 22 county service region (Bell, Knox, Owsley, Boyle, Laurel, Perry, Casey, Lee, Powell, Clay, Leslie, Pulaski, Estill, Lincoln, Rockcastle, Garrard, McCreary, Wayne, Harlan, Madison, Whitley, Jackson). More information can be got here http://regionalstewardship.eku.edu/. This is determined by the state and county of origin of the student. CPE defines this as: County, State, Territory, or Foreign Country of Origin - County, state, territory, or country of legal residence at time of first admission to the institution.


EKU offers numerous online programs that can be earned entirely online rather than attending a traditional campus setting. "Online" refers to the students enrolled in these degree programs. More information about EKU's online programs can be obtained here http://ekuonline.eku.edu/.