EKU Student Success Dashboard
     Office of Institutional Research

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This dashboard is for displaying of student success metrics. It reports enrollment, retention rates, graduation rates, KCTCS transfers, degrees awarded, and DFW rates with numerous filtering possbilities.


The percentage rate shown on some of the graphs below the actual graph value is the percent change from the prior years value.

STEM+H (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Health) are identified by CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) codes. A list of STEM+H programs by year can be found here (STEM+H CIP codes.).

Retention rates are based on all First-Time Freshmen entering a fall term that return for the following fall term. This calculation will change in the coming months to the cohort used to calculate graduation rates. At that point we will re-calculate all prior retention values.

KCTCS transfers includes First-Time Transfers and native students who transfer in KCTCS hours during the academic year.

Graduation rates are based on Full-Time Bachelors/Undecided Degree Seeking Students in the GRS cohort as indicated by CPE. The criteria CPE uses is the same as that used for the IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey.
     GRS = IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey
     IPEDS = Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.
     CPE = The Council on Postsecondary Education.

Minority Categories (race code and race description)

2 - Black, Non-Hispanic Only1 - Nonresident Alien
3 - American Indian or Alaskan Native, Non-Hispanic Only4 - Asian, Non-Hispanic Only
5 - Hispanic or Latino, regardless of race6 - White, Non-Hispanic Only
8 - Two or More Races7 - Race and Ethnicity Unknown
9 - Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Non-Hispanic Only

DFW Rates are based on student grades. It is defined as the number of D, F, and W grades divided by the number of grades given for a course.